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Dig into some interesting and quirky Disney world Facts

Did you know you can take a private ride to Animal kingdom at night? Also, have you too binged watched on Disney shows and followed every news and rumour around it? Well, You might be a Disneyphile or Disney lover. But, I am certain there is still a lot you are missing out on.

If you are a true fan of Disney this article is just for you. Take a Peek into some unpopular, quirky, secretive and fun facts about the Disney world.

No structure at Disney World is taller than 200- feet:

Yes, even the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal kingdom stands 199-feet tall. The reason is that the 200 tall feet towers need to flash aviation lights which ruins the magic of Disney world

Cinderella castle can pretty much withstand any natural Calamity:

There is no doubt that Cinderella castle is breathtaking but looks can be very deceiving. Although the Cinderella castle shows that it is made up of stone but inside it is made up of fiberglass. The actual reason this fascinating castle was made to withstand hurricanes.

Disney world employs the most people than any other Disney Parks:

What is fascinating about Disney world is that even if you combine the number of employees in Disneyland in California, Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai and you will still fall short of employees when compared to the one with Walt Disney World in Florida.

Walt Disney World is the largest single-site employer in the U.S

American Flag in the Disney World is not real:

The reason being that the original American flags must follow the rules of the flag code. But since it is missing a stripe or star it is not an original one and does not have to follow the code of the national flag

In Disney World you are never away from a Trash can:

Disney World has been designed in a way to keep the place clean and also helps the guests to not carry the trash all-around. Keeping that in mind the spaces for trash cans have been placed in such a way that the visitors are only thirty steps away from the guests in Disney world.

It would take decades to visit all the guest room in Disney world:

There are about 30,000 rooms in the Disney world hotel throughout the resorts which might take decades to spend a night in each

Disney World has an underground Trash System:

Magic kingdom  uses an automated vacuum collection system that functions in the underground Tunnels. To use this system the trash is first dumped into special processors. Then, it is brought underground and pushed to a central location where it is processed, compressed, and transferred to a recycling centre.


Mickey mouse is a stylish fashion Icon:

Mickey Mouse has more than just shorts and shoes in his closet. He owns more than 136 outfits including a Tuxedo and scuba suit. Minnie has slightly less collection, her outfits round to almost 100.

You can ditch the expensive resorts for a tent experience:

If You are looking for some adventures then you can ditch the expensive resorts and choose a campsite at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. And, if you're lucky enough you might also see some animals.

Tree of life is built over an oil rug:

This man-made tree is built over a 14-storey oil rug. It is covered with leaves that are more than a foot long. The tree’s trunk is not made of wood but concrete.

12% of Disney World is dedicated to Greenery:

Disney World is not about rides alone. It is also about gardens and landscapes. Disney world has around 4,000 acres dedicated to it. To keep it fresh, each year Horticulturalists plant three million annual plants

Designed Barriers on Kilimanjaro Safari:

18- minute old Kilimanjaro safari allows the people to get close to the animals but the animal kingdom is designed in such a way that it does not allow the animals to come in contact with people.

You should visit Disney World on a special occasion:

Whether you're a first-time visitor or here for a special occasion. You can always get some special treatment. It is simple, just go to the front desk of any Disney resort to pick the button up and wear it. And expect some extra special treatment from the cast members here.

The most creepy ride is the Pirates of Caribbean:

Shocker right?

What we mean is that it is worth a ride but there is something you need to know. This favourite ride of everyone has real stuff in there. By real, we mean Human Skeleton.

Disney World has a lot of Scents:

The reason is that the smart- Pants at Disney installed Smellitizers to get you indulged in the vibes of the place. So, if you are smelling cookies in one place it can soon be shifted to candies in the next.

It would take 52 years for you to go through the Laundry done in Disney world:

Unbelievable right? But, it is true. With so many cast members involved in keeping the Disney world going, it gets necessary to keep them clean and tidy which requires a ton of Laundry to be done.

So, if you break it to one load of laundry a day, it is going to take you 52 years to get through. Phew!!

But there is more. We have saved the best for the last


Do you think Disney world is Haunted?

Well, one never knows but there is something we should know. When the Pirates of the Caribbean was being built an Imagineer named George was killed. It is said that his spirits are still alive there. So, every night the cast members greet him goodnight before signing off for the day as a superstition to prevent the closures of ride the next day.

Aren’t these fun facts of Disney fascinating? Visit this fun place once again with a new perspective now. Of course, there is still a lot more that you would need to know.

Disney world is not only a city of its own but a treasure hunt too. So, keep your eyes open and keep hunting for more secret

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